spongebob squarepants: Season 3, Episode 4: Idiot Box

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Season 3, Episode 4: Idiot Box

Squidward sees SpongeBob and Patrick receiving a large box from a truck. The box is opened, and it contains a giant television. Patrick and SpongeBob throw the television away and keep the box. Squidward asks why they threw the television away. SpongeBob explains by saying, "We don't need television, as long as we have our... imagination." Squidward, not wanting any part of this, asks for the television, and they let him have it. Once he takes the TV back inside his house, he realizes that the remote control is missing and he goes back outside for it. He hears SpongeBob and Patrick begin - supposedly - to mountain climb inside the box and, annoyed by their stupidity, he gives the box a hard kick. A sound of an avalanche suddenly erupts from the box, shocking Squidward. Concerned, he taps the box, prompting another avalanche. After hearing about how SpongeBob and Patrick's limbs are frozen and they have to cut them off, Squidward rushes over to the box, opens it, and the noises immediately stop. He questions them about the noises, but they act oblivious and he leaves. Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter is heard and Squidward ducks. Realizing that its coming from the box, he angrily opens the box and confronts them again. SpongeBob simply tells him that all of it came from imagination. Squidward says he has plenty of imagination, to which Patrick replies, "Good, now all you need is a box". Squidward gets a box, attempts it, and fails. After kicking his box in anger, he hears the sound of police sirens outside. Thinking that his kicking of the box is the cause, he goes outside with his box to apologize. He is quick to realize that the noises are coming from the box SpongeBob and Patrick are playing in. Furious, he kicks the box he was holding, which Patrick retrieves, saying, "Whoopee! Another Box!"
Squidward then begins watching TV, but all that is on are programs that are about or involve boxes. He then hears a Space shuttle launch. As he tries to think of how they could possibly manage to make such realistic sound effects, it dawns upon him that they are probably using a tape recorder. Angered, he marches outside and demands the tape recorder from SpongeBob and Patrick. SpongeBob tells him that they don't have a tape recorder, which Squidward doesn't believe. He decides to join them in the box to see how they are managing to make the sound effects. After being asked where he wants to go, he eventually asks to go to "Robot-Pirate Island". But the only thing he sees is SpongeBob and Patrick closing their eyes and saying stereotypical phrases of robots and pirates (Arrr, You'll walk the plank for that, beep beep, etc.)
Squidward returns to his house and soon hears the sounds of an epic robot-pirate battle. The show cuts to late at night when a pirate victory celebration is heard.
Once SpongeBob and Patrick abandon the box so they can go to bed, Squidward goes to the box, looking for something that would make the noise. A scan of the box proves that there is no such device in it. Realizing that the box is in fact empty, Squidward wonders if it was their imagination that caused the sound effects, but he immediately dismisses the notion, thinking that it's ridiculous. He mockingly starts pretending to be a racecar driver, but suddenly he begins to hear noises. Really getting into his play now, he imagines himself racing. Though part of it is his imagination, most of it is really a trash truck hauling the box away. It is then dumped into the landfill, and Squidward gets trash all over himself when the box lands in trash.
The next day, SpongeBob and Patrick realize the box is gone and they go to check on Squidward. Patrick then says, "I hope he isn't too down in the dumps today." Squidward, presumably, is still in the landfill.

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