spongebob squarepants: July 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Season 5, Episode 1 : Sing a Song of Patrick

Patrick and SpongeBob go to a comic book store, and Patrick sees an ad for a contest. He takes SpongeBob's comic book money to enter the contest, and submits an entry called "I Wrote This" a song that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. The paper smells terrible when he submits it. Then, when the radio people apparently die doing it, SpongeBob and Patrick try to get the song on the radio. They immediately get kicked out of the building because they hated Patrick's entry, so they climb up the Radio Tower and gum a record player to the top. Everybody considers it ("I Wrote This") an abomination (except Old Man Jenkins) and form an angry mob, headed by Fred. They chase SpongeBob and Patrick down and Patrick starts to sing the song in front of everyone until his old gym teacher arrived saying that Patrick never learned his lesson, which leads to the two getting pelted by more dodgeballs, and the episode ends.

A poem by Patrick Star (this poem was written by Patrick when he was little)

Roses are blue, violets are red, I have to go the bathroom (He then eats the paper).

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Season 5, Episode 1 : Waiting

SpongeBob discovers that his breakfast cereal has an offer for a free toy. Once he responds to the offer, he must wait patiently for the toy to arrive. SpongeBob is getting impatient, so he sets up camp right next to his mailbox, determined to be present when the mailman shows up with his treasure. He gets frustrated when Sandy and Gary distract him with feeding and karate,and SpongeBob pulls down his eye sockets saying,"So tired"!Then his stomach is seen growling,and he says,"So hungry"!, but eventually the toy arrives and Patrick "breaks" it, leaving SpongeBob furious. However, Squidward shows him later that its head, arms, and legs are supposed to spring off, and reattaches them.

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Season 5, Episode 1 : Rise and Shine

SpongeBob wakes up one morning and looks out the window. He asks Gary about ever wondering what Patrick does every morning. Then, you see Patrick asleep on his chair. The alarm clock rings and he becomes startled. He hides and realizes that it was something that happened every day. Then, the alarm clock continues ringing and Patrick says that the joke is over. It continues and he gets angry and attacks the lamp and rips it in half. Then, he realizes that it is time for breakfast. He goes to the refrigerator and many cans come out of it. Patrick thinks that he has nothing to eat, but he realizes that the food is in the can. So, he takes a plate and asks the can to give him some food. But the can doesn't respond. Patrick tries to open it and gets frustrated and he throws it and it lands on the alarm clock and the food comes out. So, Patrick grabs the food and sits down to watch television. He eats the food, but the ringing alarm clock comes out again and he realizes that he is late. So, he runs downstairs, but trips on the broken lamp and falls down the stairs. He crashes through his dresser and his shorts are put on. Then, he falls again and he goes through the bathroom and grabs the toothbrush. Then, he pops out of his rock and SpongeBob asks about his morning. Patrick said he just had another normal morning.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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