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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spongebob Large Mousepad

Good news everyone! you can buy this lovely Spongebob Large Mousepad here. See details of Item Description and How To Order below.

MAT 1010

MAT 1013

MAT 1015

MAT 1016

MAT 1020

MAT 1024

MAT 1025

MAT 1026

MAT 1033

MAT 1037

MAT 1001

Item Description:
Size : 240mm X 200mm
Thickness : 3mm
Material : Durable Heat Resistance polyester Fabric on top. Non-slip Neoprene rubber on bottom.
Printing : Ink Transfer Technology printing for long lasting printed images, not discolor image or fade, machine washable.

1 item = USD7.99
2 item = USD13.99
3 item = USD20.99

Shipping: Worldwide shipping : USD5.00

How to Order:
1. Choose your favourite design of Spongebob Large Mousepad above.
2. Select option of payment below.
3. Made your payment with paypal.
4. Fill in the form below with your shipping address, to make sure we send the item at correct location.
5. We will contact u by email when the item is processed.
6. The item will arrive around 7-14 working days.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE : Spongebob Video Online Only at http://spongebobkids.blogspot.com

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