spongebob squarepants: Season 4, Episode 3 : Skill Crane

Friday, June 22, 2007

Season 4, Episode 3 : Skill Crane

Mr. Krabs buys an arcade game and Spongebob seems to be a natural at it. Squidward, who is jealous, keeps trying and trying and runs out of money. SpongeBob tells Squidward the secret to winning at the skill crane and Squidward finally wins a toy. Squidward starts bragging about his new toy, and being so sure of himself, tries his hand at a REAL crane which results in the destruction of Your New Mall, and Squidward having to deal with the angry construction workers.

WMV : http://www.ziddu.com/download/5535935/S4E03A-SkillCraneSB.wmv.html
MP4 : http://www.ziddu.com/download/10100608/S4E03A-SkillCraneSB.mp4.html

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